Leadership expert Robin Sharma delivered a keynote speech on the 15th May 2012 at ESADE Business School (my Alma Mater) and shared great lessons in a session entitled “How to approach change!” that changed the path of my destiny forever.

Robin Sharma, was on his first visit to Spain and he was so glad to have chosen ESADE Business School and the Law School to present the main themes of his latest book, ‘The Secret Letters of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ because his mission and what ESADE does have a lot of common grounds and also for the fact I know that Robin’s philosophy of leadership is truly aligned with ESADE’s evergreen visionary and magnetic framework of ‘Inspiring Futures‘.

Robin Sharma, that night, powerfully encouraged the audience in the session attended by more than 500 people. I was one such lucky student among them. During his talk, Robin Sharma literally fuelled each one us to think beyond what is established and to believe that everything is possible in life if you overcome your fears and work hard to achieve your dreams.

ashok kadam with robin sharma

He further went on to share that, every dream starts small. ‘The Monk who Sold his Ferrari’ – which had been sold millions of copies – started with a few hundred books in his kitchen. His mother was his editor, and his father helped him sell it to the clubs. His first seminar was only attended by 23 people, and 21 of those people were members of his own family.

Moreover, Robin opined about leadership that difficult times should not be seen as something negative, but quite the opposite. He explained to us that the most interesting people are those who have been knocked down. Here in Spain there is great uncertainty, but the Hard times make great leaders. You choose: You can become the victim and blame your situation on external conditions, or you can show your leadership and learn how to get out of the recession.

He added that according to the latest research in positive psychology, 40% of people’s happiness depends on what they do every day, which means that it is something that is in the person’s hands. So, what are these specific strategies that can be used to control that 40%?

According to Robin Sharma, the book The Secret Letter of the Monk who Sold his Ferrari offers five main lessons. He shared with us the 5 Key Lessons from his book which Robin Sharma urged attendees to follow to make small changes in their daily lives ! These Lessons (or takeaways) helps one to become better version of oneself, and encourages to be different and accept authenticity.

  • Lesson #1: Live your life against the life of society. Some people are afraid of being different. Leadership is about being yourself. If you want your customers, your team, your friends, your employees to fall in love with you, then be yourself. There is great power in the expression of authenticity.
  • Lesson #2: At your job or in your business, be so good at what you do that they can’t ignore you. Your work is an opportunity for you to express your genius.
  • Lesson #3: Be a leader in front of a victim. Victims are afraid of change, leaders are inspired by it. The discomfort of change is always better than stagnation
  • Lesson #4: Be the best person you know. When you get to the last hour of your last day, I don’t think there is anyone in this room who will regret being kind.
  • Lesson #5: Work on yourself. Never stop learning and serving. What is it that cages you and prevents you from expressing the gifts and talents you were born with? How can you inspire people not to be afraid if your heart is filled with fear?

Let’s “Face It to Make It”. How fulfilling and rewarding is that! Isn’t it? 

To make any goal, little or big, a reality or to achieve anything in life, one must face it. Period.

That’s why it was important for me to continue beyond what traditional education system taught me and thanks to my circumstances and to the environment I have created for myself, I am now very much aligned with an unshakable mindset of being a life long learner and as Mark Twain once quoted,

“Do Not Let Your Schooling interfere with your Education” – Mark Twain

As long as you have the hunger to keep learning and taking imperfect action towards your worthy ideal, you are on your path to building wealth. At Tapping Freedom Hub, I teach how to build wealth and learn all the skills that you need to build that wealth. It should not and it doesn’t really matter if someone is a drop out or an MBA from Harvard. The real wealth that one can build or create is not money but FREEDOM to live life on your terms and values.

Keep tapping,

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