ashok kadam public speaker

I speak about how to:

  • Unlock your Hidden Potential and Unleash your Gifts for this World
  • Become Unapologetically Yourself and Author(ity) Of Your Own Life
  • Step Up To Set Up a Lifestyle of Absolute Freedom and Abundance

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“Ashok is my guru in the digital space. He's been instrumental in strategizing digital presence of my business that was barely surviving on offline model.
Ashok helped me unearth my own digital marketing skills and impacted my strategic thinking in a very positive way.
I am proud to be part of his Tapping Freedom Tribe where he adds tremendous value on a weekly basis across the mindset, skillset and toolset.
I wholeheartedly vouch for and recommend his coaching and consulting services to anyone.”
Shanaishwar Adhapure,
Business Owner Automation Industry
“Ashok, your programs and one to one meetings really brought a depth of clarity in my purpose in my life.

Your to-the-point formula and no fluff strategy to design my own business centered around my own core values have been genuinely helpful to bring back my lost confidence.

Thanks a lot for your help and wish you the very best in your mission - it's truly inspirational and contagious!”
Corporate Employee, Middle Management Executive
Atomic habits shows that environment plays a key role in our careers. My environment had only EMPLOYEES those who feel weird when I say "Shall we go for a Meetup or Paid Course?" They didn't know the value of investment.
The day I met Ashok Kadam (an awesome personality), my life completely changed. I love spending time with him.
He is my mentor and because of him, I could quickly come out of my EMPLOYEE MINDSET to shift myself into a new world of possibilities + abundance
- Ramesh Yadav
Corporate Slave (then) High Performance Coach (now)
Ashok Kadam is an inspiring leader, institution builder and a wonderful human being who is very giving and has helped me immensely in my journey towards Financial Freedom.

He is my mentor who's given superlative value in all his deeds and actions since my joining his team.

I heartily vouch for and recommend his coaching and consulting services to anyone. without an iota of doubt"
Alex Spragg
Travel Entrepreneur
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